I spoke to a group of college students recently, on how to stand out from their peers and SHINE.  Rather than “Success Factors” I call them, ”Shine Factors.”  They’re tips we know intuitively but often need repeated…

Shine Factor #1 – Know Your Purpose

I’ve worked with 65 yr old men about to retire who have lots of money and still don’t know their purpose. They’ve never answered, “Why am I here?  You can and must know your purpose.  It’s what can lead you to deep and lasting satisfaction.  Know your personal purpose and you will shine. (In chapter one of my book I have exercises for writing a personal purpose statement.)

Shine Factor #2 – Be Excellent

In everything you do, be excellent, even in the smallest of things.  Read and be informed, give more than expected, be proactive (don’t wait for permission), be grateful and express it.  For example, if your boss asks you to get their car out of the parking garage, have their fave drink in the cup holder when they climb in.  Little things.  Big difference.  Most people barely get by, especially when they’re not in their dream job.  Do that and be typical.  Be excellent and you’ll shine.

Shine Factor #3 — Innovate

Innovation = Influence.  Starbucks innovated a new coffee culture and now they influence the world.  When I was so overcome with the issue of child sexual slavery in America, I had to do something. So we moved forward, not knowing what or how to change things, and discovered a whole new approach to shutting down the industry.  Disruptive innovation will make you shine.

Shine Factor #4 – Dream

Dreams are the energy of happiness. Dream big. Dream out loud. Dream on all cylinders.  Do your dreams. Dream outside the job description. Do my 1-1-1 Strategy (one dream, one step, once a week) and you’ll take 52 steps each year toward one dream.

Shine Factor #5 – Persevere

In an instantaneous Google culture, stay the course, put in your time, press thru, cultivate patience, don’t be stopped at the “no.”   So much growth occurs in repetition, practicing lessons over and over. Young people want results.  Results take time.  Put in the time and you will shine, maybe not right away, but eventually.

The world is desperate for shining examples of shining qualities.  You can shine!

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