Ever since wallpaper has been making such a comeback, I’ve been wanting to find a place in our home where I could use it without much risk or regret.

I finally determined our small bath off the kitchen was the perfect spot.  Plain, blue, and blah, I could hear it crying out for a little pizazz.

So for the past year I was online hunting for unique wallpaper.  Should I go modern, floral, traditional?  Options abound and could I trust my own taste?  I also visited the Design and Decorating Building in NYC (called “The D&D”) to look at some papers in person.  So many gorgeous choices gave me visions of grandeur (for more like a bathroom at the Biltmore than one for mostly men.)

Finally, I settled on a style from Bennison, gorgeous oranges and pinks, sort of modern.  Then, uh oh, sticker shock, just too pricey for my budget ($3000 for wallpapering a small bath??  Maybe at the Biltmore.)

Okay, plan B.  Searching, searching, searching…….and then, there it was, calling out to me from a new online magazine called Lonny Magazine, a gorgeous toile wallpaper by Manuel Canovas.  Yes pinks and oranges but much more affordable.

Ordered the paper, hired the paper hanger, added a few flea market and antique shop finds and waalah, a transformed bathroom that even the guys agree may be the classiest room in the house.  See what you think….

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