Hello friend, I hope you’ve had a wonderful week!

Beginning this weekend, I’m sending out a little recap of my Instagram posts with added content, backstories, and more photos.

I love Instagram but there’s always so much more to share, so hopefully you’ll find these occasional weekly reviews fun, helpful, inspiring and beautiful.

Labor Day was a wonderful kick-off to fall wasn’t it?! We cleaned our garage after Ron discovered a small snake. I HATE snakes and we knew even though the little guy hid in a crack, that we couldn’t let him stay. So I ran to the store to get some sulphur, Ron sprinkled it all around the cracks and finally a shop-vac got the thing out of the crack and out of our vicinity. Yay for a husband who is strong and bold when it comes to these things.

I’ve been making peach pies like they’re going out of style this summer, and have decided it’s my all-time favorite dessert. The girls have been learning pie skills as well which has been fun. Peaches have to be in season to make a good pie, and I like mini pies made in small tart pans with crust only on the top.

There was a time I made all pie crusts from scratch, never again! Trader Joe’s frozen pie crusts are my go-to solution, they’re delicious and save so much time.

Here’s the little recipe that never fails to make your mouth shout YES, it’s adapted from my Grandma Troyer’s peach pie which makes me very happy when I think of her, an incredible woman who loved Jesus and her family so much.

Peach Pie (makes about 4 small tart pies)

5 ripe peaches, peeled and sliced evenly

2 T. Sugar

1 T. Flour

1/2 t. Cinnamon

Dash nutmeg and dash salt

1/4 t. Almond extract

Mix all above ingredients together. Grease your tart dishes lightly with butter. Pour peach mixture into tart filling each one full. Dot the top with small slices of butter (maybe 1/2 t per tart). Cover with strips of pie crust. Bake at 400 until golden brown. Serve with vanilla ice cream (Haagen Dazs of course!)

Last Tuesday, direct from my kitchen table, I presented a 90-minute webinar, “The Leader as Innovator — Designing Your Dream Job Now” for the IMA Academy.  If you missed it you can listen to the content here.

Grateful it got high reviews since I really love helping people find fresh inspiration and ideas for loving their work more. 1,300 attended and several sent such sweet notes, thanking me for the practical insights and help.. Reminded that taking time to send thanks is always a classy gesture.


 The twins and I have enjoyed making basil pesto with the harvest from one small plant I put in the ground in May. I LOVE pesto as a snack with tortilla chips or for sauces on pasta. We also love it spread on a thick slice of toast topped with chopped tomatoes drizzled with a bit of balsamic glaze.  Here’s my easy recipe adapted from the Silver Palate Cookbook for the last 20 years.

Fill a mini food processor with basil leaves, add 3/4 cup walnuts, 2 cloves garlic finely chopped or pressed, 1/2 cup olive oil, 1/2 t. Salt, ground black pepper. Pulse chop this mixture til it’s like bread crumb consistency. Add about 1/2 c. Parmesan cheese and pulse more til well-blended but not too smooth. Freeze in ice cube trays for use all winter in sauces.

Have a wonderful fall weekend!




For the next ten days, anyone who shares our upcoming Love Your Life event on Facebook, Twitter, or Linked In, will be entered into a drawing for an hour of free “Dream Coaching” with me, plus a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

I am passionate about inviting everyone to this event who lives in NYC and wants to launch and nurture their dreams. I also recognize that you, one of my closest friends and followers, know others who need this type of dynamic evening.

So please share, and it may actually be YOU that I’m personally talking to soon, for an hour of coaching where we can dive into your dreams, think strategically, plan possibilities and enjoy some one-on-one time together.

Use one of the links below to easily share on your preferred platform(s):

Also, beyond thrilled that my friend Cassy Saba will be at Love Your Life with her incredible jewelry, worn by many celebrities and featured in over 50 national magazines. You’ll love her and have a chance to purchase her gorgeous creations. Cassy’s personal story of designing jewelry starting at age 13, captures the Love Your Life spirit so perfectly.

Thank you for helping get the word out, and as always I’m cheering you on…




Lynette will be hosting her popular Love Your Life event September 25, from 7-8:30 pm, at the Center for Arts, Faith, and Culture in New York City.

Love Your Life events are designed to help you do your dreams, live on purpose, and network with other savvy and like-minded women.

September’s event will feature special guest Samantha Jo Alonso, founder of FRUITION retail store in Las Vegas, and popular Instagrammer, philanthropist, and fitness guru.

There will be our always-popular power-networking segment so you’ll be sure to leave with new personal and professional relationships in hand.

Seating is limited, light refreshments served, beautiful surroundings filled with generous women who help one another soar!

Register Here

Click on this  link for more details on this Tuesday’s webinar, “The Leader as Innovator — Designing Your Dream Job Now” starting at 1 pm EST.

I’m super excited about the content I’ll be sharing, because it’s already helped so many find the passion and energy they’ve been lacking in their work. Over 1500 have already signed up and I hope you will too.

This special session presented by the IMA Academy is for their members, but they’re opening it up for my friends at no cost, but you do need to register here (you’ll be listed as my “Presenter Guest”).

You’ll learn practical ways you can innovate NOW to deepen your fulfillment, grow your network, and advance your own aspirations in the midst of your current work and demands.

Hope to be with you on Tuesday for a big dose of fresh inspiration…



Are you like me, and sometimes just need a fresh dose of encouragement especially when it comes to work?

If so, I’m excited to invite you to two events that can immediately impact your fulfillment and joy relative to work and daily life.

The first is a national webinar this coming Tuesday, September 5, from 1-2:30 p.m. EST. The topic is: “The Leader as Innovator — Designing Your Dream Job Now.”

I’ll be discussing fun and practical ways to create new paths of fulfillment, influence, and recognition starting today, whether you love your job a lot, a little, or not much at all. Over 1,600 have already signed up for this and I hope you will too.  It’s FREE but you do need to register, and can do so here.

The second is our quarterly Love Your Life event, September 25, 7-8:30 p.m. in New York City. These are dynamic women’s events focused on power networking, inspiration, and advancing our dreams. We often sell out so get your tickets now, and if you know of friends in NYC please pass this along to them.


Are you following me on Instagram? I’m adding lots of fun new things and hope you’ll join the journey of loving life a little more each day.

Always cheering you on,







Ron and I are speaking for a marriage conference today in Nashville, called No Ordinary Love. In the spirit of this week’s Valentine Video series (links below if you missed them) I thought you may enjoy a few of our talking points that are relevant to singles and marrieds alike.

Surprise, This is It! — Every story has surprise twists and turns — surprises that can feel like beautiful gifts or more like, “Surprise your toilet is overflowing!”  Accepting our own story and celebrating it, is a choice not a feeling. God can turn every surprise into a gift through patience and perseverance.

The Dance of Dysfunction — The cycle typically goes… I Hurt, I Want, I Fear, I React. Each step triggers the next, and we tend to find dance partners whose dysfunctions marry well to ours. One broken step from me leads to a reaction from you, and the missteps occur until we tire of the dysfunction and break free, often through counseling coupled with years of re-training our patterns toward health.

Prescription for a Great Marriage — 1. Personal Wholeness, 2.Clear Priorities, 3. Purpose

There’s much more to share, but suffice it to say anyone who wants No Ordinary Love will have to invest the work, stay the course, and believe that different than what we thought, can be better than what we expected.

Speaking of which, here are this week’s short little inspiration videos intended to encourage every waiting heart to keep hoping and never settle for less than the best. Enjoy!

Barbie Was Married    https://youtu.be/7u51v27y5jU
Brokenness Is a Pain  https://youtu.be/cMVqHm0fRJg
Dates and Heartbreak  https://youtu.be/lzwnHp4tHlo
We are also offering a special discount on my book, Remember the Roses, a handbook for anyone waiting on true love (why not give this as a Valentines gift for anyone you know who is waiting?)

Six months ago following a routine mammogram, I was told those shocking words…”You have breast cancer.”

What? I’ve been focused on health and nutrition for years, an avid runner, emotionally healthy, how can this happen to me?

But alas, the journey began. Given the very public journey our family walked while our beloved son Jordan was battling cancer, we decided to do this one privately, in hopes that when it was over, we could share the story and victory all in one moment.

That moment was yesterday, when in a morning message at our church, King’s Park, I shared the “Shock and Awe” message about navigating the valley, out to a place of healing.

Here is a link to the 30 minute podcast, if you’d like to hear more.

Shock and Awe

This message highlights the faithfulness of our great God, the one who delivers us through life’s shocks, and brings awe every time.

I could not have endured this battle without the strong support of my amazing husband, parents, sister, daughter-in-law Cady who was living with us and stood by my side every moment, our sons and their wives who cheered and prayed, and closest friends who pray unceasingly every time we face a need.

I’d also like to recognize friends who have walked this path before and whose inspiration of overcoming helped me tremendously during some of the darkest hours: Ami Dockery, Carol McLeod, Holly Wagner, Christine Caine, Lisa Bevere, Darlene Zschech, Jan Greenwood, Lisa Clark, Renette Kendall, Kirsten LaCourse, Starr Clay, and Fran Boyd.

Today I am through this battle, onto even greater health, looking forward to a long life of fulfilling adventures and purpose fulfilled.





I had the great honor of being selected to do a TEDx Talk, and am excited to announce it’s official release this week!

If you know anyone who could use a fresh infusion of hope, then this may be a timely link to share. The talk is titled, “My Dream Died, Now What?”

It was a rigorous process to apply and then be selected out of hundreds of applicants and a tough set of coaches and peers evaluating every step of the way. But I honestly LOVED it, and am deeply honored for this chance to share my life story in just under 12 minutes.

The audience laughed, cried, and stood to their feet in applause at the surprise ending, a moment I was humbled by and will never forget.

TED Talks are showcased around the world, and if you find this one worth sharing, I’d be so grateful if you would post to your social media and help us spread this message of hope and courage for anyone struggling through a dream, or enduring a season of waiting.

Thank you for being a fellow believer in the power of a dream!