A Christian speaker is someone, who can help prepare you for the challenges of life, no matter where those may exist. Perhaps you are falling behind at work, or there has been talk of cuts and you are afraid that for whatever reason, you may be next on the chopping block. This situation is a very relatable one in today’s economy, but it can still feel as if you are the only person in the world experiencing it. When you lose your job, it can make you feel like you have failed yourself and the people that you love in some way, even though you may be a simple victim of economics. Likewise, when one makes personal mistakes, it is easy to feel as if you are on a prison island serving a life sentence. Fortunately, there is a God, who helps you weather the tough times and forgives you for your mistakes. A Christian speaker can help you to see this through personal life experience and a knowledge of Scripture and how it is still relevant in today’s world.

The Christian woman speaker Lynette Lewis, a graduate from Oral Roberts University, encourages men and women both to seek God’s help in finding the vision and the purpose for their lives. With vision, you can see what God’s plans for you on the road ahead. Purpose is the fuel that drives you toward that vision and allows you to walk the pathway that God has prepared for you to travel in life. Lewis has made a career as a  Christian woman speaker  showing businesses, employees and individuals, a God-focused path for their goals and ambitions. In her motivational book for women, Lewis details 19 inspirational stories of women, who have reached their goals while also staying rooted in their particular faith. Faith is important in being able to meet the goals that you have for yourself—whether that faith is in yourself or your God. For Lewis and others, it is just a lot easier and more certain when you let Him be your pilot.

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