Sad but true, I lost it at the baggage claim.  The journey to Egypt began Saturday with a clear sky in Raleigh, destined for JFK then Zurich to Cairo. 

Weather issues would make it anything but smooth, in timing and turbulence.  28 hours later, a 4-hour nap but no bag to be found is when I lost it, wondering if it’s normal for a 50 yr old to cry over something like this.

Now a day later, we’re having a wonderful first day in Cairo (still no sign of the bag!) keeping the spirit of adventure on a trip I already treasure.  These photos will give you a feel of adventures thus far…

Views of Switzerland from the plane, breathtaking!

The Mediterranean Sea, flying into Instanbul

This is why I always want a window seat!

If you get stranded at the Istanbul airport, SHOP for crying out loud!

Don’t forget a souvenir for the java-loving husband.

After 2 hours of wandering the airport, discovered I could get into this amazing Turkish Airlines lounge, absolutely the best one I’ve ever been to, buffets of all kinds.

Every airline lounge needs wood-fired oven pizzas, yes!

Timely comfort drink

Welcomed by the always-amazing Four Seasons Hotel lobby, about 12:30 a.m. this morning!

These thoughts kept me going:  “Be grateful you’re not hungry, you’re safe, you’re not sick, the steps of the righteous are ordered of the Lord, you’re living an adventure!”

Five hours of sleep and out bright and early this morning for sight-seeing…stay tuned for more insights and adventures this week from Cairo!

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