I love doing workshops with corporate women who are eager to take their careers to the next level.

Today was one more such time, as I presented for a Deloitte Women’s Initiative Workshop that involved both clients and Deloitte attendees.

We talked about what Executive Presence is, a compass for expanding it, and how to overcome barriers that set us back.

Working with one another as “Executive Presence Coaches,” each woman laid out a simple, but cognitive approach to growing her Executive Presence.

Energy was high and ideas flowed. We all left motivated and excited about taking one or two steps in the direction of a new aspiration and dream.

I shared the following “measures” of Executive Presence, courtesy of Forbes.com.  Perhaps you’ll gain a few new insights into building a presence that opens up doors and expands your possibilities.

You have strong Executive Presence if….

  • Your presence is felt when you walk into a room
  • You inspire people; you are likeable and trustworthy
  • People are very curious to know more about you
  • People want to be your friend and build a relationship with you
  • You are perceived as important, valued and respected
  • You ask timely, relevant questions that ignite a dialogue
  • You are social, well-read, and share fresh perspectives
  • You leave behind a thought-provoking message people remember
  • You relate equally well with different types of people (regardless of hierarchy or rank)
  • You share and create opportunities for others
  • You smile, maintain eye-contact, make people feel important & hopeful

With long-time friends Debbie Crump and Judy Kitchen, we worked together years ago at Deloitte and got to reunite in today’s workshop, love these two women!

Toni Rahilly (left) and Barb Osteen, both Deloitte directors, planned today’s event, both of these women already know lots about Executive Presence!


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