I spend lots of time in public bathrooms, primarily in airports. These days it seems like everyone is waving.

Not to say “hello,” or “Hey, pick me!”  Waving to make the seat cover change, the soap come out, the water turn on, and the towels to extend.

To and fro, up and down, looking at each other when it doesn’t work with the, “What am I doing wrong?” expression.

I really like these conveniences, including having doors open in front of me while entering a grocery store and seat belts extending in the car. With all this service I must be  a queen with servants around here somewhere!

It’s easy to get so used to convenience and expect that life is all about privilege.

Had a stark reminder of this while irritated on this week’s flight. I switched seats as the doors were closing in order to get a window seat, only to be confronted by the woman who actually had the seat reserved. “Really, you HAD to show up late and sit here?” I thought to myself while acting gracious on the outside.

When did we start deserving all this ease and convenience? I’m not so sure it’s a benefit in the long-run. Because fields take tending. Friendships need mending. Businesses require lending. Work is unending. Gotta stop this overspending. Expectations take bending. (This rhyming now ending!)

Yes it’s nice when automation happens and helps, but let’s never forget that blessings often take work, lots of it, and character is a must-have to go with it.

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