What a steal for only $3.50, dress it up or dress it down!

One of my favorite fall fashion items this season are vests. I love to throw them over t-shirts, long-sleeve silk tops, or even a sleeveless tank.

I was especially excited to find this little white fur number last spring on the sale rack at Forever 21 for only $3.50. I had seen the Chanel Fall 2010 style show (via the Chanel iPhone app) and saw that white faux fur was going to be BIG. So even though I was ready for spring, I grabbed it and was thrilled I’d planned ahead when September rolled around.

This beige nubby number I found at a garage sale years ago and find myself going back to it every few years.

Got this 10+ years ago at a garage sale for probably around $5.00

Love this multi-patch gray and white real fur vest snagged at a little upper east side consignment shop in NYC last winter.  The sweet lady knew I loved it and let me have it for less than $75.

Found at a NYC consignment shop for less than $75.00, love the chain detail

Lastly, this fun pinkish camel-color short sleeve leather vest-type jacket is one I’ve been wearing all the time, it looks like real leather but for only around $29 there is plenty left over for other little treasures.

Has detachable sweater sleeves (not shown), machine washable too!

One great thing about vests is they look good on any shape and size and cover a multitude of sins around the mid-section.

It may be your turn to invest in a vest! Happy Bargain Shopping!

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