I overheard Ron talking to one of our sons the other day, and something he said really stuck with me….

“Maybe where you are now has nothing to do with your future, other than preparing you. So love God, make it your aim to please Him, and trust this process to produce in you what you need for your next place.”

Often we look at the here and now as if it’s integrally a part of our future. We assume what we are doing now relates to our end dreams, so if we don’t like the now, we grow depressed and worry we will miss out on bigger plans.

One day while running I was mulling over a speaking engagement I’d had the day before that didn’t feel like my best. Wishing I could do it over, feeling embarrassed, I was rehearsing what I’d do differently, and why I was still not in the top tier of excellence as a speaker.

Then I heard this in my spirit and it helped….”It’s not about this one, but about next ones. I’m giving you opportunities to practice, so keep your eyes on the prize, not on the process.”

I’ve shared this encouragement with others over and over when they feel like a train wreck but in truth they’re in training.

Here you come!!

Here you come!!

What we go through is about character development, things being worked into us and attributes we need for later. If you’re feeling stretched and strained, in reality you’re being qualified and trained.

It takes time, usually a long time, to acquire the skills and character necessary for true excellence. I look at my 76 yr old parents and see this process still at work in them, and they’re two of the most developed people I know!

So today be strong and look on up ahead, I hear the train whistle blowing….watch out world, you’re coming through!


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