Ever have those special cozy places that mean something to you?

Maybe it’s a certain section of the couch or a specific table at Starbucks, a vacation spot that never disappoints, a bench in the Park that allows you to dream.

Ritualistic sweet spots are a valuable way to keep your dreams moving forward.  It may sound simple but honestly, it works.

When I wrote my first book, Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos, I had two spots that seemed to stir the inspiration — my kitchen table overlooking our woods, and the front porch where our little dog Mocha would keep me company as I ate popcorn and drank iced tea while typing away.

I still remember sitting at the table sweet spot at one a.m., hitting “send” and off went the manuscript I’d toiled over for months.  In fact right this minute I’m in the same spot and the flood of memories is strong.

Likewise, in every apartment I’ve lived in there are sweet spots ideal for prayer, reading, and writing in my journals.  Even on airplanes I prefer window seats because looking out from 30,000 feet high reminds me how little I am and how big God is. 

If you’ve ever had a restaurant or place you and a friend call, “our place,” then you understand this theory. 

We all need sweet spots where we let go and dream, get refreshed, focus on bigger ideas and forget daily demands. Over time they’re familiar, comforting, and even motivating.

What are your sweet spots? Have you visited them lately? Can you prioritize more moments to dream outside the job description and take proactive steps on at least one dream?

Happy Sweet Spot Weekend everyone!

Porch Sweet Spot

Vacation Sweet Spot (love the Caribbean, St. Thomas beach in this case)

Kitchen Table Sweet Spot, many book-writing memories here.

Running in Central Park Sweet Spot, many spots in the Park where I’ve had special ah-ha moments, revelations, or comfort.

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