A favorite NYC tradition on Sunday afternoons is stopping by the flea market on the upper west side corner of 77th Street and Columbus.  When I lived in this neighborhood I got there more often.  Now that we’re east siders AND often in Raleigh on Sundays, it’s a rare treat to make it by.

Today, after Ron preached at both MSNY morning services (awesome message from Philippians on how life is a process filled with tests to overcome, highly recommend this podcast) we took our dear friends Nathan and Jennifer Gooden (visiting from Raleigh) to lunch and then by the flea market (we girls convinced the guys to go with us.)

I have two favorite booths at this flea market, one is that of friend Kitty McBride, The Divine Chair Company, who was not there today (missed you Kitty) and the other is a vintage booth specializing in furs.  How fun that Jennifer found two treasures while I enjoyed the thrill of the hunt.  Never mind it’s July, fur weather will be here before we know it!

Such a great variety of lovelies to look through

Don’t forget to go low and dig through the box of fur hats and scarves

Honey, check it out, what do you think?

Hmm, looks small and I have a big head (seriously hard time fitting into hats)

Pat is the owner of the booth, I’ve bought many furs from her through the years (can a girl really ever have too many furs?) she’s such an expert and has a great eye.  “What do you think Pat, can we make this hat fit somehow?”  After deliberating, decided no.

Jennifer looks amazing in everything, we all voted #1 on this beautiful slightly funky-yet-elegant combo of leopard and leather, it’ll work great with jeans, dressing up, or anywhere a former Miss America (‘06) might want to go.

A FURfilling time had by all and a Sunday afternoon to remember…

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