We girls have to stick together on products, and this one is worthy of a blog post. My friend Deb put me up to this line of Revlon polishes, and the top coat makes other brands of polish last a week or more.

I love Chanel polishes but at $28 a bottle they’re like buying a piece of jewelry AND they typically chip off after one day, that is until this Revlon ColorStay GelShine top coat came along.

This light blue Chanel on the left from two summers ago is my fave summer color, sadly no longer available and selling for $100 a bottle on eBay (never!) The newest Chanel Azure blue has the most beautiful two tones in it. And now both last up to a week with zero chipping thanks to the reasonably priced Revlon top coat you can buy at any drug store.

So, polish or no polish, may your beautiful hands reach into wonderful places of service and comfort as you touch lives today.

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