We’re spending the week with Jordan and Cady at a beautiful ranch in Missouri, their new home away from home for awhile.

While they focus on Jordan’s wellness and healing, we’re taking in the rich times together, vast rustic surroundings, the freshness of chilly nights and warm cozy mornings surrounded by farm animals galore.

This week I’ll be sharing a variety of sights and insights, those that come when you truly get away and see new things, and things with new eyes…

Things are rather brown and bare on these 4,000 acres. After all, it IS November. Brown leaves, bare trees, wood cabins that rise up here and there.

Funny how in the fullness of summer you barely notice some things. Until bare times come….when you barely have enough, barely can see, bare your soul and bear witness to deeper, richer things occurring underneath barren ground.

Only a crazy person would look at any of this barrenness and call it dead. Oh contrare! Bare means growth, beneath, where things are hidden. Not like hidden embarrassed. Hidden treasure. Hidden surprises awaiting their perfect unveiling. Unseen things eternal, lasting long and well.

I love the seasons for all these insights. Watching nature reflect what’s so often true in life, love, family, and work. Apparent loss is really gain. Letting go means empty, open hands. Open to something new. New and next and better than before.

Yes we’re home on the ranch, because home is family, and there’s no place like home.


Ron shared a great message yesterday, inspired by the rivers on the ranch.

Ron shared a great message yesterday, inspired by the rivers on the ranch.

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