Amazing, delicious, gluten-free pancakes, recipe here…

We were out of our favorite pancake mix, the multi-grain one from Arrowhead Mills.  Hmm, what to do, I mean it IS Father’s Day, and the man should get what he wants for breakfast, especially when he’s preaching.  How awful to faint for lack of nourishment at the hands of your wife.

Fortunately I had just seen a yummy photo of pancakes the night before on Pinterest.  I saved it in “Recipes to Try” who knew the try would happen the very next morning in between makeup and ironing a white skirt.

Truth in cooking and life is…Many a nagging lack leads to a freeing discovery, things like…  

  • I feel like a parched parent, then one new idea becomes a catalyst for connection.
  • Negative reviews from one event lead to better connection with every audience thereafter.
  • I’m out of motivation but late-night searching leads to a fascinating article with a suggestion that works.
  • Zero potential men out there, so why not vacation with a girlfriend for July 4th, turning into a memory we laugh about forever.

Verdict on the pancakes?  Love at first bite.  Happy husband, new healthy option, glad I tried and reminded  that necessity remains the best mother of all invention.

So when you need a solution but get to a stop sign, keep moving!  Joy so often comes via recipes we try.



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