Cady has made their little apartment so beautiful and cozy, what a gift she has!


Dear friend Lisa Bain has given Jordan and Cady so many gifts as part of Turn Tulsa Pink campaign supporting those fighting cancer.

Ron and I are off to Austin, TX today, speaking for a singles’ conference with our friends Morgan and Carrie Stephens, more information here: http://www.cccaustin.com/events/rethink-singleness-2013/

Meanwhile, our dear son Jordan goes in for his 3rd chemo treatment today.  Fridays are treatment day each week, and we marvel at Jordan’s strength and stamina.  Waging war against cancer is not for the faint of heart and our son exemplifies this fortitude.

Jordan and his darling wife Cady, are strong in faith, speaking the Word of Truth over their lives, and continuing to live fully, enjoying their jobs, friends, and marriage.  We are so proud of them!

Many have written and asked how to keep up with their journey.  Cady wrote a poignant post recently, you can read it here and follow more of their journey via their website, http://jordanandcadylewis.wordpress.com.

Thank you for the calls, emails, and texts of encouragement. Everywhere I’m speaking lately, person after person shares a story of the most dire of diagnosis turning into miracles. Nothing helps more than to hear of others who have come through similar fires and are thriving now.

In every battle there is potential for winning or losing. We can expect victory or we can expect defeat. Seems our human nature is disposed toward all the negatives that could happen, but instead we must choose, often it’s a daily choice, to focus on the positives that can just as likely happen for those who believe.

I’ve decided to be a woman of hope all my life, regardless of what things look like, in the face of the most negative of possibilities, I’ll go down believing. This isn’t about living in la la land without a reality check, it’s simply choosing to believe, which really is a choice not a feeling.

Kind of reminds me of what I’ll share this weekend at the singles’ conference. How all those years it looked hopeless relative to lasting love and marriage. But I decided somewhere along the way that even if I made it to 70 without a husband, I was going to keep living and hoping that one day a worthy man would come. “Hey,maybe a widower at 70 will finally be ready for me!” I often pondered.

So whatever you are facing, I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend, cease from your Labor (that IS what we’re supposed to do on Labor Day right?!), and remember you CAN make it through your own challenges as a person of great hope. Just like our Jordan and Cady. We choose to believe.

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