While traveling and meeting young women, I love hearing about the different dreams that stir in their hearts.

One young dreamer I’m privileged to highlight is Savannah Ellis from Nashville, TN, a senior at Belmont University majoring in Religious Studies and the Arts.

Savannah may seem like any other student but she stands out in a way I love — she has a dream, and has been unrelenting in going for it.  Her dream is to combine a passion for her faith and passion for music, reaching out as a musician.

In my book, Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos, I talk about the importance of having mentors. Savannah really grabbed hold of this and pursued mentors in every area of her dream – a writing coach, singing instructor, and manager to help with logistics.

In pursuing something new you will try, fail, try again, and keep going. After several  years of this cycle, Savannah has now written with major music groups like Hillsong and Jesus Culture. Her first hit was writing Leigh Nash’s single, Give Myself to You.

From taking lessons, to writing, to being published, Savannah is now breaking out as an artist! Check out her music here – free to download, and wonderful to listen to…congratulations Savannah!

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