Love Your Life Lesson 2 — What to do with tension of a dream on hold

Ever feel like your dream is about to boil over, or maybe it’s not cooking at all? What do we do in these tension moments?

In the Love Your Life Lesson series, Lesson 2 — ReaRANGE Your Dreams, Lynette illustrates how a few simple moves can position your dream in its best spot, without discarding your progress, yet waiting for the best timing, leading to the results you dream of.

  • Nancy Beise

    Thank you Lynette!!! <3

  • BethFerrell

    Good word Lynette!

  • Celine Butler

    I can attest that this principle is true! I love your visual demonstration of putting dreams on the back burner.

  • Dare

    Phew, I have needed that lesson for a good TEN YEARS, at least. Guess I will just steep a while longer. Thanks!!!

  • Audrey

    As I made the mint chip ice cream, I was reminded of the imporance of each instruction. If I didn’t follow it, the end result would not taste good. Unintentionally i left the mixture in fridge for 2 nights instead of one as directed in recipe. Sometimes God wants me to holdoff another day – it could be better that way! And after all of todays daily grind, I thoroughly enjoyed my mint chip ice cream. The process & wait was so worth it! Just like my dreams will be! Thanks for an eye opener!