…Loves People.

This struck me yesterday on our flight from Miami to New Orleans.  Ron was seated in a middle seat (he hates middle seats) next to a man from Brazil, a young guy.

In typical Ron-form he struck up a conversation, was so warm and loving to the guy.  They talked for about 15 minutes with Ron sincerely interested in his family, upbringing, how he got to the U.S., etc.

The conversation inevitably turned toward the man’s faith and Ron took time to listen to his story of growing up Catholic, being bored with church, sincerely loving God and praying, but open to learning more and going deeper.

As I listened quietly from my seat, it struck me how grateful I am for a husband who loves people. It shows up in selflessness, sincerity, taking time to listen and offer help not just conversationally but also in practical ways like visiting someone in the hospital, loaning money, buying a meal, offering a room for an overnight stay.

This quality isn’t about personality. My Dad is not near as outgoing as Ron, but he also loves people, investing hours of time over the years in marriage counseling, business consultation, and talking by phone to many a person in need, in addition to financial generosity. My Grandpa used to call everyone in the church on their birthday, his way of loving on people.

What you want to watch out for and be careful of is a critical spirit, narcissism tendencies that make it all about them, and self-preservation that shows up in a myriad of ways and indicates brokenness.

The point here is to look for a generous heart, one that values and esteems others, sacrifices for their needs and is self-less. It may mean you end up sharing your husband with the world at times when you want him all to yourself, BUT better this than dealing with a self-focused person who has little to give.

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