My “Marry a Man Who…” blog posts are some of the most popular.  And since our son Jordan proposed to Cady Kendall on Saturday night, it only seems fitting to highlight the other viewpoint today.


Photo taken right after she said YES! Gorgeous ring, gorgeous girl!

Cady represents so many of the qualities to look for in a wife.  She is strong with a great sense of self — self-confidence, self-control, self-identity.

More importantly though, she is selfless, self-sacrificing, a lover of people and a lover of God.

Like Jordan, she is grateful, humble, giving and generous.  She pours herself into helping others, and has friends too numerous to count.  No surprise she was Homecoming Queen, (ushered on the arm of our own Homecoming King!)

If I was to capture one single quality that trumps all however, it would be this….marry a woman who knows how to pray.421103_282549735149177_274526935951457_697846_112503471_n

On the night following Jordan’s recent diagnosis that cancer apparently reared its ugly head again, Cady and her best friend were on the phone praying together throughout the night, quoting healing scriptures over Jordan, speaking faith in the midst of the storm.

Find a woman who knows how to pray and you’ll find a woman with a treasure chest of other gifts that add power and joy to her husband and household, every day for years to come.

Jordan, you did it son, and we are delighted that Cady Morgan Kendall will soon be Cady Lewis, our daughter.  June 29 here we come!!



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