Looking at this little vase on my vanity this morning was a reminder that it’s often the little things that add sunshine and flair, even more than big things.

I try to keep fresh flowers near this spot where I get ready every morning.  I change them with the seasons, and they bring color and refreshment.  It may sound silly, but when I look at their variations in color, formation and fragrance I see God’s love for creativity, in nature and even moreso in people.

Adding little special treats to our lives is a way to perk up our hearts, be that something beautiful to look at, taste, or enjoy. I may buy myself a vegan vanilla cupcake at Whole Foods (my fave!) or download a new song that encourages my spirit.  Small investments, big dividends.

So why not treat yourself to something that perks up YOUR heart as we head into the weekend? I’d love to hear what YOU do that brings extra beauty and fulfillment in small ways to your big world.


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