If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile then you know I get inspired by the sights and sounds of NYC and love sharing them with my readers, so here’s the latest..


This big brass letter M door handle on the Milly clothing store on Madison Avenue was rightfully open thanks to the mild temps and need to welcome fashionistas who love Milly style!

Image 3

Gorgeous blue hydrangea in the rustic pot makes even the metal grate next to it look artsy.

Image 2

White tulips, ivy garland, and white hyacinth graced this beautiful church, obviously leftover from Easter services, and definitely stopping many pedestrians in our tracks for a moment to drink in the beauty and wonderful hyacinth aroma.

Image 1

You know I can’t resist a rose, especially when it’s hot pink! The Bond store is featuring the Central Park scent and the gorgeous bottles with the rose stoppers. Guess I should’ve stopped to smell the roses this time but didn’t.


This funky lovely wallpaper caught my eye at a darling little clothing store that I did not get the name of but will visit again soon. I asked the girl for the name of the wallpaper and was told it was created especially for the store owner, nice.

Image 4

Saw this similar wallpaper a few hours later via Adore home magazine, guess these colorful peacocks are really in vogue!


In the same little boutique they had the most beautiful earrings, all the colors reminded me of Easter candy.


This gorgeous necklace and bright top combo is just a happy look isn’t it? Spring is in the air!

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