For five years I have wanted to redo our home office.  It was dark, cluttered, full of all the stuff we didn’t know where else to put in the house.  When company came over we simply turned off the lights and closed the French doors, hoping no one would notice that the house actually continued beyond the dining room.

We knew it would be a huge endeavor, cleaning out the corners, throwing away stuff, organizing files.  We put it off every year until finally I said, “Honey, this is the summer, please (you MUST) reserve at least two weeks of some time when we focus and get this office done!”

Granted, some of my interest was selfish.  Having worked from the kitchen table for the last five years, I have dreamed of a beautiful office where my writing could flourish and my heart might just flutter.

Going through beautiful photos in magazines and online, I started designing my dream office, finding what “moves me” and honing in on the style of choice.

Finally, late in July we began.  Our summer intern, Amy Lentz from Vanderbilt, dove right in and took down every knick knack from the walls.  Bye bye burgundy ceiling and forest green walls (no tears from me) as every surface became clean and white.  I discovered several creative ways to organize bookshelves by book color, size, and by including fun boxes, photos, and bookends.

A few more touches here, filing and organizing there. Wow, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.  Let me know what you think!

Can you say, "Too many knick knacks?"

The former "throw it here in the corner" spot

Ugly brown wood wall unit becomes glossy white!

Finally a spot for the little stilettos collection!

"Makes me happy" chaise from NYC flea market, vintage 1940's redesigned by brilliant Kitty McBride from

Every desk needs a little bling, plus my fave photo of my guys on the day we became a family (our wedding day!)

Huge thanks to the lovely Amy Lentz for your great help and for being a partner in design!

Who says a printer stand has to be ugly? Small faux skin ottomon only $25 at HomeGoods

Found this cute elephant table at HomeGoods, it was ugly gray but a coat of white paint transformed the little guy!

The final result, what do you think??

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