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My feet are still sore from last night, thanks to white pony-hair booties that I donned for Love Your Life. Ahh the things we women do for our fashionista moments!

But it was worth it all, to host Made by Girl’s Jen Ramos as she and I talked to the crowd of lovelies, motivating them to go for their dreams and believe.

From her forays in a chocolate truffle business, to days she felt utterly hopeless struggling with infertility, Jen had so many fabulous tips and ideas. She described starting her now-famous Made by Girl blog in 2006, amidst frustrations at work and a passion for more. We all related to her angst over not knowing where to begin, spending hours on the phone asking questions, and dealing with internal voices that predicted failure.

There were so many takeaways, here are the highlights:

Find your passion — What is it you dream of doing one day? Why do you want to do it? Getting in tune with what you really desire, is the place to begin.

Do your research — “I never considered where to refrigerate all that chocolate!” Jen recalled trying her hand at a chocolate business. Talk to everyone in the business you’re considering, and ask questions over and over. Spend the hours it takes to learn what you don’t know, and get in the know.

Don’t quit your day job — The last thing you need is pressure to pay the bills. Use nights, weekends, and every free moment you’ve got to launch your bigger dreams, until they can support you financially.

Pain brings surprise gifts —  When Mat and Jen realized pregnancy wasn’t happening and adoption would cost tens of thousands, Jen picked up a paintbrush and in a cold dark basement started painting. To her surprise, the 11 canvases sold in just days for $500 a piece, launching her now popular Cocoa and Hearts original artwork that sells out immediately.

Ignore the skeptics — People will criticize, tell you you’re not worthy, refute your plans, and copy your ideas. “When someone copies what I’m doing I consider it the time to innovate something new,” Jen described as a nugget of wisdom learned from her husband Mat.

We finished the night with our power-networking moment. I heard story after story afterward, of divine appointments and real-life plans to launch forward with help from one another.

A huge thank you to Mat and Jen for sharing their story, bringing so many friends, and making it one more Love Your Life night to remember. I continue marveling at how a group of committed women, helping one another with practical ideas and courage, can conquer their fears, and DO their dreams.


Overjoyed when Jen presented me with her famous gold metallic LOVE print!!

Overjoyed when Jen presented me with her famous gold metallic LOVE print!!




Every dream requires a process to achieve it, but many times it also requires being open to new methods for getting the results we want. In this week’s Love Your Life video I share this principle illustrated through one of my all-time favorite treats.

Learn how you can press through toward your dream, against all odds toward your goal. Now that’s delish!

At our house we have a simple tradition on Christmas day….one person takes the gifts from beneath the tree and puts them in a pile for the others.  Then we open them individually while everyone else watches.

It struck me today, on the start of a brand new year, that in life we also have piles of gifts (abilities, qualities, and talents.)  But it’s not enough to have them.  WE HAVE TO OPEN THEM.

For some odd reason I often hold gifts back…

  • I seldom use our sterling silverware.  Never mind the awe of even possessing such a treasure (a wedding gift from Ron’s Mom.)  Better keep it in the chest so it won’t tarnish.
  • Our best china (the pattern I spent hours choosing because I liked it so much) remains hidden in the cabinet adding zero elegance to our meals.  Love it and hide it?  What a novel idea.
  • Clothes & shoes “so gorgeous I have to have them” somewhere in the closet, waiting for who knows when?

Since when does using something now in the moment mean coming up short later?  Where does this scarcity mentality come from?

Worse yet, what about the gifts inside ourselves that matter a whole lot more than possessions, like our personalities and passion, true selves that are meant to be given that the world around us might benefit and grow?

What gifts are you saving for later, keeping them under wraps?

In 2012, I’m pulling out the silver,  using the china, and wearing the dress.

A new year of possibilities is calling out for you too, calling our names, calling for every gift inside to open, blossom, and soar!

2012 here we come…

If living our dreams is high on most to-do lists, why do so many of us fall shy of doing them?

Here are 3 Reasons I hear repeatedly when coaching people on how to live their dreams….

Reason #1– I Don’t Know How

Of course you don’t.  How can you know how to do something  you’ve never done before?  Obvious, right?  Yet this simple obstacle of not knowing how is what prevents so many from starting.

Need information?  Connections?  Motivation?  More time?  These are exactly what you get by moving forward, one steady move at a time.   Remember, you get know-how when you don’t know how.

At every juncture, not knowing how threatens to halt the dream…….I wanted to write a book but had no idea how.  Felt like stopping.  Asked a few questions, was told I needed an agent.  Didn’t know how and felt like stopping.  Used networks, prayed a lot and found one!  Agent says I need a book proposal.  Felt like stopping.  Agent knows someone who writes book proposals for a living.  Proposal — done, now how to find a publisher?  More prayer, felt like stopping, we got one!  Publisher wants a well-written, best-selling book.  Don’t know how to write one or get the 10 people they want me to interview for the content.

One email at a time, one hour of writing a day, 20 interviews later every piece came together.  Book in hand, how do I promote and sell it?  Found out how and am still learning how every day.  Definitely not stopping!!

Reason #2 — I’m Afraid It Won’t Work

85 % of what we fear never happens.  Practically speaking that means for every eight and a half minutes I spend worrying about something, I could be channeling that same time into achieving my dream in 10-minute increments.

Subtle fears tend to plague all of us…

Fear of Embarrassment — What if I look stupid, or arrogant? (What if you look bold for trying?)

Fear of Failure — What if the entire thing ends up a bust?  (You’ll know what you don’t want and have credibility later when you finally do succeed.)

Fear of Whatever Else — Most other fears are nebulous and unfounded yet they paralyze and keep us from starting.

The process of DOING my dream is what FIGHTS my fears, fears that will likely never happen.  Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Reason #3 — I Don’t Have Time

Neither do I, and yes you do.  Busy people do more with less time.  How?  In small but specific increments.  One step on one dream once a week (my “1-1-1 Strategy”) works!  Dreams are big but steps are small, steady, consistent, or maybe not consistent, but continual.  You resist the urge to quit, over and over again.

This quote from Shakespeare captures what we’re saying here…..

Things won are done;
joy’s soul lies in the doing.

It’s time for YOUR dream.