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My style then

My style then

My style now

My style now

My daughter-in-law, Cady, and I were passing time looking at home decor magazines last week in the hospital. She was commenting on my decor style and I told her how it has evolved over time.

I’ve enjoyed watching both Cady and our daughter-in-law Ailsa, create beautiful homes for our sons with warmth and coziness, which in my book are BIG must-haves for any environment.They both have great taste and translate that taste into their surroundings.

Years ago I decided to ask a friend who was a designer to help upgrade my little one bedroom apartment. He said to go through magazines and pull out rooms I was drawn to and loved. When we met a week later, he analyzed the choices and deduced my style, which at the time was something like, “Colonial Viet Nam.” I honestly can’t remember what the heck that means, but I’m supposing it was what we might call today, “Asian Bohemian” (if anyone knows what that means!)

What I learned from working with Jeff the designer, is that looking at magazines (or on Pinterest these days) helps coalesce our preferences, be it in food, fashion, or in this case decor. It’s a lot about taking risks, feeling the liberty to pull together what looks right to us, throwing out the notion that there’s a right or wrong way to decorate. Who decides what’s right for our home but us? If it looks right hang it!

Over time it’s natural to grow tired of one style and long for something updated. Most of us grant this evolution to what we wear, but the same is true for home style as well. What moves our soul now may do little for us later. Which is why I’m watching and discerning new looks all the time, via blogs, magazines, and input from friends who are several steps ahead. My friend Kathi Graves for instance, taught me lots about mid-century design years ago, a style we both still love.

So if you’re needing new zest in your surroundings, try searching online or via some blogs. Two of my very faves are TheDecorista.com or HomeontheRunway.com, both of which feature an eclectic mix of design styles that inspire and stretch the mind-set limits on what’s possible.

Then experiment and take a few chances. Try moving things around like my sister, a master home “stager,” does with finesse and ease. A new coat of paint is a cheap thrill, and a small little frame with a photo you love will trigger warmth and gladness. Fill your home with things you love to look at (most of all people!) and items of beauty that stir and nurture.

Happy growing in your happy home.

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There is a power and force that works when you’re on the lookout…

I discovered this afresh yesterday while taking a quick jaunt through a favorite antiques and collectibles mall. I’ve been on the lookout for a gold wall piece. They are typically vintage and add just that perfect touch of glamour to a wall, are rare and hard to find.

IInspiration Photo -- Such a beautiful element on this pink wall, so chic!

Inspiration Photo — Such a beautiful element on this pink wall, chic!

This one on the pink wall was my inspiration, read more

Today was a perfect weather day in NYC, so in between meetings I wandered into several favorite stores.  Thought you’d enjoy a few sightings…

Bergdorf Goodman is celebrating their 111th Anniversary, and this one-of-a-kind hand-painted dress is part of an exquisite display that includes live orchids planted in rustic bamboo-like stalks on the ground and up around the crown moldings.  This dress is priced at $55,000 with a waiting list of potential buyers.  Hard to believe, but as someone who loves anything roses, I agree it’s stunning.

This Manolo Blahnik boot is even more beautiful in person, and for a mere $1,750 I chose to enjoy it by sight vs. by foot.

Maybe for those gifted in balancing while walking, or someone needing extra protection from dangerous animals (gives a whole new meaning to shooing away danger.)

The front entrance of St. Patrick’s Cathedral is undergoing renovation and is covered in scaffolding, but I caught this view from the back side on Madison Ave.  Never noticed before how beautiful the back is as well.  An architectural gem in the middle of the city.

The most important thing to remember is that you can wear all the greatest clothes and all the greatest shoes, but you’ve got to have a good spirit on the inside. That’s what’s really going to make you look like you’re ready to rock the world.

 Alicia Keys

(I was going to post some fun fall fashion trends and pics but will save them for tomorrow, and in the meantime, thought this quote was a great lead-in.)