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My feet are still sore from last night, thanks to white pony-hair booties that I donned for Love Your Life. Ahh the things we women do for our fashionista moments!

But it was worth it all, to host Made by Girl’s Jen Ramos as she and I talked to the crowd of lovelies, motivating them to go for their dreams and believe.

From her forays in a chocolate truffle business, to days she felt utterly hopeless struggling with infertility, Jen had so many fabulous tips and ideas. She described starting her now-famous Made by Girl blog in 2006, amidst frustrations at work and a passion for more. We all related to her angst over not knowing where to begin, spending hours on the phone asking questions, and dealing with internal voices that predicted failure.

There were so many takeaways, here are the highlights:

Find your passion — What is it you dream of doing one day? Why do you want to do it? Getting in tune with what you really desire, is the place to begin.

Do your research — “I never considered where to refrigerate all that chocolate!” Jen recalled trying her hand at a chocolate business. Talk to everyone in the business you’re considering, and ask questions over and over. Spend the hours it takes to learn what you don’t know, and get in the know.

Don’t quit your day job — The last thing you need is pressure to pay the bills. Use nights, weekends, and every free moment you’ve got to launch your bigger dreams, until they can support you financially.

Pain brings surprise gifts —  When Mat and Jen realized pregnancy wasn’t happening and adoption would cost tens of thousands, Jen picked up a paintbrush and in a cold dark basement started painting. To her surprise, the 11 canvases sold in just days for $500 a piece, launching her now popular Cocoa and Hearts original artwork that sells out immediately.

Ignore the skeptics — People will criticize, tell you you’re not worthy, refute your plans, and copy your ideas. “When someone copies what I’m doing I consider it the time to innovate something new,” Jen described as a nugget of wisdom learned from her husband Mat.

We finished the night with our power-networking moment. I heard story after story afterward, of divine appointments and real-life plans to launch forward with help from one another.

A huge thank you to Mat and Jen for sharing their story, bringing so many friends, and making it one more Love Your Life night to remember. I continue marveling at how a group of committed women, helping one another with practical ideas and courage, can conquer their fears, and DO their dreams.


Overjoyed when Jen presented me with her famous gold metallic LOVE print!!

Overjoyed when Jen presented me with her famous gold metallic LOVE print!!