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I hope you’ve had a great week…

I’m heading into a busy season of travel and speaking for the next 4-6 weeks, and remind myself it’s a privilege when explaining to the girls why Mommy has to leave again for a few days.

They fuss, question, and then get through it fine. Between my assistant/nanny and my all-star husband, the household goes on so I can get up and go where doors have opened.

Having clarity on our calling is so important isn’t it? Knowing WHY we do what we do, and having a sense of our divine assignment, helps us plow through the challenges, obstacles, and scheduling.

When I was single in my 20’s and 30’s, working long hours for little pay, wondering how I’d get from the day job to the life-calling job, it often felt like a mix of random experimenting and paying the bills.

I look back now, with many more years in the bag and realize…it all feels the same.

Yes there are moments of reward, job promotions, the big transfer to NYC and landing my first book deal. But most of the time, from sun up to sun down, it all feels the same.

What is this “same?”

It’s the daily routines, the getting up, going to bed and everything in between. It’s lingering questions like…

Am I doing enough to make a mark? To be memorable? To get ahead?

We wonder why fulfillment is often elusive, sporadic, or just not as fulfilling as we thought it would be.

Which is why PURPOSE matters. Purpose answers the question, “Why?” Why am I doing any of this anyway? Why did God put me here at this job, with these people, doing these things?

If we ponder, pray, and keep moving, we CAN find our purpose, then let it be the GPS telling us where to turn and how to arrive at destinations worth the drive.

After years of doing “Discover Your Purpose” workshops, I’ll soon be launching an online course I’m so excited about bringing to you, with modules, tools, and inspiration to help you know, with conviction, why you’re here.

One way to get ready for these discoveries is by asking God to reveal His heart and intentions for your life. Then watch for signs and signals about what you love most, where your impact occurs for others, and the dreams in your heart intended to accompany your purpose journey.

It does feel long and boring at times, but over time, we realize these days are the best days, and enjoying the “now” prepares us for what comes next.

Let’s keep in touch as your journey of purpose continues.

I’m cheering you on as you head into this weekend…


SaraBlakely-412x550I love the story of Sara Blakely, how she invented and overcame a dozen “no thanks” moments on the road of inventing Spanx. The airport TV’s were showing an interview with her on CNN Saturday.

If you think the American dream is dead, just meet Sara Blakely. She’s never taken a business class in her life, or even worked in her industry. But she’s no accidental entrepreneur. The tenacious Sara Blakely took $5,000 in savings and transformed it into a $500 million dollar-a-year company called Spanx…and she revolutionized women’s undergarments in the process.

In 2012, Forbes named the Spanx founder and inventor the world’s youngest, self-made female billionaire. With Oprah Winfrey’s endorsement, 20,000 pairs of Spanx were sold in less than a day. Spanx can now be found in over 50 countries worldwide, but Blakely’s story is quintessentially American.

She owns 100 percent of her company, has no outside investors, and has never spent a penny on advertising. As with many inventions, it all began as a solution to a nagging problem.

I find Sara’s story so riveting. She’s an all-American blonde beauty in a girl-next-door sort of way, with eyes that sparkle and guts that show success borne of effort and try.

Listening to all the “no thanks” moments and slammed-door-letdowns she describes is encouraging. Who of us hasn’t felt like such a fool at times. I’m sure she wondered who could possibly need “footless control-top undergarments” anyway. Evidently millions.

She refused to let go of her panty-that-doesn’t show, holding on to her day job selling fax machines while selling the dream forward every moment she could. With little money to invest she did the work herself via online research, avoiding high attorney’s fees and making incremental progress.  She developed packaging from her own gut sense and from anecdotal stories about Kodak and others.

We all look with awe upon self-made stories like hers, but I find in her journey the elements required for doing every dream. One idea may make it bigger than another, but you and I can and must apply similar activities if we ever plan to see our dreams succeed.

Passion launches. Vision grows. Tenacity nurtures. Guts gain. Frustration keeps moving, and perseverance prevails.

Sarah’s story may be unique, but isn’t uniquely possible for others who will likewise work hard and believe.

I pick youHave you ever felt you belonged somewhere so you pushed your way in?  I sure have, with men dated, positions wanted, and platforms that just seemed right for my voice.

Bad idea all around; not doing it anymore!

I do believe in being proactive and in building our own personal brand.  But the dynamic changes significantly when someone really wants us, vs. just accepts us.

The very best open doors I get are those that come without knocking. Job offers, speaking engagements, honors and invitations that come to us in their right appointed time are truly the best kind.

This was brought home during a visit to Texas a few years back.  The lovely woman who invited me shared how she’d seen my face on another conference invite, threw it in the trash but then felt prompted to pull it back out and invite me. Her summation was encouraging, “You can be confident others are going before you to advocate.” A great reminder.

There have been instances where I’ve been invited then de-invited, and it’s tempting to want to shout, “Hey wait a minute, you don’t know what you’re missing!”  But I’ve learned that if it’s meant to be it’ll come back around, and when it does the inviter will be honored you said yes, vs. skeptically wondering if you’re worth the investment.

These dynamics are sometimes subtle, and again there’s nothing wrong with letting others know who we are, what we want, and the benefits we bring. Still, if we can do our promotion then let go and let opportunities come as they may, our overarching brand of excellence goes up. Top brands know who they are and their customers come to them.

Same in relationships. Friends may reject us. Dates may never call a second time. But those you’re supposed to do life with won’t stay away. “Like kinds” find each other and are worth waiting for every time.




Image 6

A precious girl Joy attended, her Dad died suddenly a couple of years ago in China, and she and her Mom have come through with strength, loved meeting her!

I was honored to deliver the “Making Your Mark in the Marketplace” workshop here in Orlando at the Every Nation Conference yesterday. It’s fun to see what people tweet afterward, since it highlights what resonates, and their takeaways.

Here are a few of my favorites, maybe they’ll encourage you too (and check out more rich content via #EN2013 on Twitter)

Jealousy is a poverty mentality

Lesson 1 for big impact: Inclination is invitation. “God wants you to explore all facets of your personality

Every lesson comes with a lie. Lie #1: comparing yourself to other people. “Comparison is such a danger…”

Lesson 2: The lesson of innovation. “Dream outside of the job description.”

Some of the greatest innovations come out of pressure and desperation.

Lie #2 : the lie of credentials. We feel unqualified. “Don’t wait for permission. You’re not going to get it.”

Lesson 3: the lesson of excellence. “Excellence earns you permission to be an innovator.”

Lesson 4: the lesson of patience. “Patience is a choice.”

Stop signs are not dead end signs. “Your dream is the answer to someone else’s prayer.”

Dream tool 1: Assemble a dream team. “You need prayer, you need cheering, and you need challenging!”

Dream tool 2: one dream, one step, once a week. “…you’ll be amazed at how much progress you make.”



I do virtually every time I speak.  It’s a common feeling and can actually work FOR us, by keeping us humble and dependent on God.

At the same time, it can work against us, by stopping us from taking risks and expanding our comfort zone.

A sense of inadequacy tends to come in the following forms:

  • Concern I won’t be able to meet the mark in some way
  • Memories of past failures running through my head like an unwanted tape recorder
  • Comparisons with others who appear more qualified or confident
  • Tiredness — many times a simple lack of sleep dulls confidence
  • Lazyness — forgetting that pushing through demands extra effort and determination

The best remedy for a sense of inadequacy is simple but powerful.  read more