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Ron and I are speaking for a marriage conference today in Nashville, called No Ordinary Love. In the spirit of this week’s Valentine Video series (links below if you missed them) I thought you may enjoy a few of our talking points that are relevant to singles and marrieds alike.

Surprise, This is It! — Every story has surprise twists and turns — surprises that can feel like beautiful gifts or more like, “Surprise your toilet is overflowing!”  Accepting our own story and celebrating it, is a choice not a feeling. God can turn every surprise into a gift through patience and perseverance.

The Dance of Dysfunction — The cycle typically goes… I Hurt, I Want, I Fear, I React. Each step triggers the next, and we tend to find dance partners whose dysfunctions marry well to ours. One broken step from me leads to a reaction from you, and the missteps occur until we tire of the dysfunction and break free, often through counseling coupled with years of re-training our patterns toward health.

Prescription for a Great Marriage — 1. Personal Wholeness, 2.Clear Priorities, 3. Purpose

There’s much more to share, but suffice it to say anyone who wants No Ordinary Love will have to invest the work, stay the course, and believe that different than what we thought, can be better than what we expected.

Speaking of which, here are this week’s short little inspiration videos intended to encourage every waiting heart to keep hoping and never settle for less than the best. Enjoy!

Barbie Was Married    https://youtu.be/7u51v27y5jU
Brokenness Is a Pain  https://youtu.be/cMVqHm0fRJg
Dates and Heartbreak  https://youtu.be/lzwnHp4tHlo
We are also offering a special discount on my book, Remember the Roses, a handbook for anyone waiting on true love (why not give this as a Valentines gift for anyone you know who is waiting?)


There are 100 million singles (over 18) in the U.S. alone, yet many feel like one of only a handful missing out on Valentines Day.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce the launch of my newest book, Remember the Roses — How to Hold Out, Hang On, and Marry the Man of Your Dreams

I wrote this book for anyone waiting for true love and those needing fresh encouragement plus a few practical tools for navigating the journey toward lasting love. The title comes from a vision I had of a Road lined with Roses, and the book is written in three distinct sections.

The first section is a quick and easy read about my own ups, downs, heartbreaks and headaches on a long road to a happy ending that included one worth-the-wait husband and four awesome sons.

The second section is called, “Gifts and Lessons from the Journey,” highlighting many treasures not fully visible until later. Chapters like, “Dreaming Big for Your Life” and “Celebrating Now” showcase the many surprise gifts to be enjoyed while love tarries.

The final section includes excerpts from my journals, dealing with common emotions often present in the wait yet seldom discussed publicly, things like, “I Feel Powerless,” and “I’m Stifled and Squelched,” among others. For each journal entry there are scriptures — the Truth that sets us free to be honest with our emotions yet move through them to a place of confidence and strength.

Over the next several weeks I’ll be blogging excerpts from the book along with video blogs that feature a special “Rose of the Week” and its meaning.

I would love to hear from YOU as we build a company of committed visionaries worldwide, those choosing to Remember the Roses on the sometimes rocky pathway to love and living our dreams.

With another Valentines Day approaching, there will be inevitable dynamics impacting many of us.  I’ve personally experienced most of these and would offer some nuggets of hope and encouragement for this annual day of love…

Single? — While the media will assure you you’re the only one without a true love, and while you watch certain friends receive flowers at the office or enjoy a romantic dinner for two, many people, actually about 100 million in the U.S. alone, will not be celebrating in a significant way.  Truthfully, you are not alone on February 14 or the day after.

Married? — Marrying my husband at the ripe old age of 42 was a gift worth the thousands of tears cried until he came.  He is thoughtful, generous, and typically remembers flowers with a love-written card on Valentines Day. I’m blessed beyond measure AND never take it for granted.

Still, there are many married people who will feel the pangs of heartache and disappointment on Valentines Day.  Their marriage may be suffering or their spouse isn’t quite as thoughtful as the next guy.  Expectations  not met, many will cry themselves to sleep, disappointed that everything fell short once again.

Single, Happily Married, Not-So-Happily Married? — Whatever “love state” you find yourself in, keep in mind it’s only one day.  Millions don’t live up to the romantic experiences we assume so many are enjoying, and regardless, you can be satisfied with these few simple truths in mind:

Truth #1 — Love that lasts, true love, sacrificial healthy love, is a rare treasure, one that takes work to prepare for and to keep.  If you desire such a love, keep your hope alive (hope is a choice not a feeling) and prepare yourself to be ready for this type of love.  You can tone your “love muscle” before you flex it by working on yourself, then refusing to settle until all you’ve hoped for happens.

Truth #2 — The human heart can be filled to capacity even without romantic love.  I know this from personal experience and highly recommend such fullness (it’s great for yourself AND is a magnet for the person you want to love.)  Wonderful, generous girlfriends are a must-have for every woman.  Outlets for serving the less fortunate bring lasting satisfaction.  Cultivating a growing walk with God is a supernatural way to feel “full” amidst the “not-yets” and disappointments.  Living your dreams on all cylinders is a proven means for enjoying every day with increasing fulfillment.

A friend of mine told me she plans to invite several girlfriends out for a fun Valentines dinner.  Why should they be stuck home feeling left out when their city has so much to offer in food and entertainment?  My Mom taught me that even when your husband isn’t the card-giving expressive type, focus on what he does have and treat yourself to whatever else you need.

Valentines Day and true love are wonderful, worth waiting for, but not the end-all, be-all, as the world would have us believe.  Life is vast, varied, and beautiful.  So are you.

So……Happy “Live-Your-Dreams-Day,” with or without flowers and candy.