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I simply couldn’t resist….a random street in NY’s fashion district, my casual walk put me back on this familiar road.

It was 9 years ago searching high and low for THE dress that originally led me here.  RK Bridal…..aah the memories….Mom and I finding it after searching for days and days. This place unveiled THE ONE for only $750.

Racks and racks of dresses, one or two seasons old but new to every girl crafting her dream day. You’re only allowed 10 dresses in the dressing room at a time. Mom and I waited an hour and a half just to get our turn.

Months later my sister and I were schlepping the lovely one several blocks to the hotel, carrying her like a banner of triumph above our heads so she wouldn’t dare touch the grimy ground.

So yesterday, in the middle of running errands, I stirred those memories and walked right in. The greeter lady asked, “Are you here for a wedding dress, a cocktail dress?”  “No thanks, just looking,” I said. She looked at me strange but I didn’t care. This was about memories.

Memories are powerful. Which is why the making of memories is so important, and this is where vision comes in.

Vision is what propels us forward, moving strategically toward our dreams, taking steps, doing what it takes. When each day finishes vision turns into memory.

Do you love your memories? Are they powerful and poignant? Do they motivate you to do more, be more, dream more? Or do they fill you with regret and sadness over what might have been?

We can let memories just happen, or we can make our memories memorials to achievement and fulfillment as today’s to-do’s become success metrics along the path to our dreams.

We cannot live in the past, at the same time our past can be a compass, pointing us TO what really matters and AWAY FROM what doesn’t.

I’ll always have my wedding dress memories, one small piece of a vision over 25 years in the making.  What memories do you want to have? Make them today, they’re yours for the making and the taking.

Racks and racks of beauty

Racks and racks of beauty


9 years ago, dream-come-true dress!

Fun dress art on the wall.

Fun dress art on the wall.