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Ron and I spoke for a couples conference last weekend in Jersey City, right next door to where my Deloitte office was for six years, overlooking downtown Manhattan.

I shared a point with the crowd that was a reminder of a nugget that set me free years ago when I first woke up to it. It is simply this…


Not later when I’m married. Not in the future when I’m paid more and work less. It won’t be when the boys are raised or I finally get pregnant. It also won’t be when my boss finally sees me. No, joy is NOW.

The subtle yet ever-pervasive thought of being more joyful later when such and such happens is a constant enemy of contentment and happiness. It seems to plague us all, in some seasons more than others. Really though, I promise you, joy is now.

Our job is to pause and recognize it, call it out from the monotonous and mundane.

Gratitude uncovers it. Smiling extends it. Encouraging someone else multiplies it.

I was reminded of this afresh as Ron and I walked after the couples conference, by my old office, then took the ferry I used to take daily on my commute. Those were years that felt long on work and short on pleasures, but now a part of me wishes I could return to those moments for just a day.

Memories of routine workdays include a fondness now, grateful for lessons learned, projects I now miss and people I treasure but never see.

Yes joy is now, and later too, not because life is perfect or without tears, but because joy is like a good medicine that permeates darkness with promise that this too shall pass, and this too is precious.

Will you join me? Let’s drink it in, the here and now, through the transformational lens of joy.

I enjoy listening to my wise husband share funny truths about our marriage

Listening to my wise husband share funny truths about our marriage & stories of getting through tough times.

About to board the ferry

About to board the ferry


….well almost.

men's room signI was hurrying to the ladies’ room while watching over yonder at the luggage carousel to see if my bags were up yet, not realizing til the last second that it said MEN on the door I was about to walk through.

I quickly diverted myself at which point I heard laughter behind me and a female voice saying, “I was following you right in there figuring, ‘She knows where she’s going!'”

“Well at least we would’ve had each other,” I said, laughing too, at the thought of it.

While waiting for the bags a bit later, I reflected on the many times we simply follow the crowd…at intersections while waiting to cross, at work where certain attitudes or talk invariably take on a crowd mentality. In so many moments it’s easy to just emulate the guy in front of us rather than wake up, watch, and do what’s right.

People are following us and we’re following them. Which calls for more “break-from-the-crowd” moments where one different attitude, new perspective, or departure from routine may just make a difference.

I worked for a man one time who was always criticizing someone. He did it with sort of a laugh and humorous jab, but it bothered me a lot and I refused to enter in, though for brownie points it probably would not have hurt. Fact is his negativity did hurt, and with plenty of hurt to go around in most work cultures, why add more?

Several years later a friend started working for him and when she mentioned my name he said, “Oh that Lynette, she will never cut anyone down,” and I was reminded that often we are making impressions for good, even when we feel like a lone ranger and wonder if we’re odd man out….out of our minds, out of sync, and out of line.

So think for yourself today, follow your gut, and remember you may just be saving someone else from a wrong path with disappointing results, and even better, you’ll be raising the bar with lasting impressions.