Last night we were having dinner at our favorite Italian spot, when my husband got the idea of taking a pizza by some friends’ on the way home.

Little did we know what our small gesture would mean.  The wife and I texted back and forth after we dropped off the pizza, and it struck me at the truths we shared. I share them below, thinking you may find them as encouraging and uplifting as I did. 

(Her text) Thanks for your generosity and obedience!! I told Ron, 5 min before your text when the night unraveled I was crying in the bathroom overwhelmed and asking God to help. He delivered…pizza!

(Me) Wow, you are so great and its a joy having these intersect life moments!

(She) I’ll have to share the story in its entirety soon! My mood even took a 180.

(Me) Wow, I’d truly love to hear. You are such a rich woman w many insights and an example we all need, seriously!!!

(She) Thank you! Sometimes hard to feel or believe in my daily momma sweatpants, house full of ruckus and I wonder what’s my purpose. Boy, our lives are so different (according to your beautiful blog pictures and adventures) but they are ours and God is pleased with us both.

(Me) Indeed He is and you are an inspiration to me really you are.  You are living the life I always thought would be mine and yet God had different plans.

(She) I do think about that when I observe your life or famous people’s…I know there are moments we would both like to trade but I know for a fact that the grass isn’t greener…I always pray I appreciate and use my life to the fullest. YOU are the perfect example of that…you are living a great story!

(Me) Oh thank you friend, it’s why we need each other right? To talk about the grass on the other side and the fact that it grows weeds too! You are tending your grass so faithfully and your beautiful children are fruitful gardens themselves, each one tended by faithful YOU! Thx for showing me another path that is so beautiful. Have a gray night w that gift pizza that the Lord Himself ordered for you!!  (oops, Great not Gray, and definitely not char black!)

(She)  🙂 You are funny! We definitely had charcoal on our dinner.

Our rich exchange reminded me that we all live such daily lives, where dinners burn and emotions turn south.  It’s why we need each other, and sometimes a random pizza delivered by friends.  Others have done it for us, so it was a treat to take our turn on the delivery end this time.


My friend’s dinner before the pizza arrived, hasn’t this happened to the best of us?

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