This is a short and sweet word of hope that is strong in my heart for YOU today….

Your dream, that desire you have, that unrelenting vision that won’t let go. THIS dream is on its way to you. Nothing can stop it. Assigned. Appointed. Anointed. Kept for you. Prepared for you.

And you are being prepared for it. All present circumstances are leading to this dream. Do not doubt for one moment that ALL things are contributing. Preparing. Presenting. Promoting. Providing for this vision that won’t let go.

So don’t YOU let go. Be strong and expectant. With hands open and palms up. Heart and mind ready, looking. Not in anxiousness or fear, but in confidence that the dream is near.

As all creation was expecting on that Christmas night so long ago. Even still we expect. Expect and look and smile and believe. Your expectations will not be cut off, nor will you be cheated.

Expect nothing less than total fulfillment of your dream. Even now it comes with fervency, straight toward you.


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