ImageAt a cozy home in Jenks, OK, thanks to Cady’s parents and a group of devoted friends, yesterday was Thanksgiving.

Not because the national calendar said so, but because, well, it was the best day this week to make it so.

Next Thursday is the official holiday, and Jordan and Cady and all of us will be somewhere else, doing other things. So why not now? Why not turkey, gravy, brussels sprouts, and yummy pumpkin pie? Today. Giving thanks.

In our family we’re pretty much thankful every day these days….thankful our Jordan still sees out of both his beautiful blue eyes, is recovering well from surgery 3 weeks ago, loves being married to his love Cady, and we’re all just quite hopeful about the days yet to come.

Unconventional times call for unconventional moments of celebration. Not later when we’re more organized, or have time for all the trimmings, or plan far enough ahead. But now. Now is better. Later is too much later. Can’t miss any of this. This. This bliss. This now. This that we love. This, that is better than that. That thing out there that may never come.

We want this. We love this. This great and arduous journey that feels long. Long and hard and rich and good and worth every gripping on tight to one another. This faith. This hope. This undaunted determination.

This Thanksgiving. Thankful. Thankful for fullness. Full and Fulfilled. Fully satisfied. Full of hope and faith. Faithful. FaithFullness.

And very very thankful.


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