The minute I walked in the lobby I knew the evening was going to be a big winner.  So many savvy, fun, beautiful women gathered for our 2nd Love Your Life event in NYC last night.

Vera Moore, her daughter, and the winner of our drawing

Vera Moore, her daughter, and the winner of our drawing

Vera Moore was a fabulous inspiration, sharing how she pioneered as an African American woman in show business (the first black family on Another World soap opera in the 70’s), starting her cosmetics business, getting her line of products into Walgreens, and breaking barriers left and right.  We were all riveted as she shared the ups, downs, lessons learned and must-do tactics for pursuing your dreams against the odds.

It was my turn then, to talk about three things that threaten to keep us from progress.  They are:

Fear — Fear of failure, fear of being thought of as “too arrogant or bold,” fear of rejection, the list goes on.  Vera kept bringing this point home in her stories too.  Don’t be surprised when you feel afraid, it’s common to everyone, but those who press through are the ones who achieve.  We must not EVER let fear paralyze us from progress.

Focus (a lack of) — We live in a world of constant distractions that steal our time and attention away from the dreams we really want to pursue.  When we take one step once a week on one dream, we make incremental progress.  Small actions, big results over time.  What we focus on comes into focus and ultimately, fulfillment.

Friends — The right believing, cheerleading friends make all the difference.  Naysayers not allowed when a dream is being birthed.  At times we need new friends who know less about our past and bring fresh eyes that see possibilities.  We don’t have to reject our current friends, but we may need to avoid needy friends who drain and keep us from plans that simply must be implemented!

Faith is absolutely essential for the biggest giants of your life, believing through prayer and God’s power you can overcome your darkest hours and deepest trials, pressing through to miracles.

This led us into our “Find Four” networking exercise, which means everyone gets into a group of four and each person shares what’s holding her back or what she needs, while the other 3 listen and then respond with ideas and offers for moving ahead.  So much energy was flowing in the room.  I saw some groups holding hands and praying at the end, it was a beautiful, invigorating, moving sight in every way!


The Decorista, Ashlina Kaposta

A highlight of the evening on a personal level was when I saw Ashlina Kaposta, also known as The Decorista, walk by enroute to her seat.  I’m a huge fan of her blog and didn’t realize we both knew each other from a distance.  It was affection at first site and I cannot wait to share more of her work with you in the coming months.

So my personal vision of creating a life-giving, empowering event where women come together to network and help one another live our dreams, is coming to pass one month at a time.  If you’re in the NYC area or know someone who is, be sure you tell them to join us as together, we DO our dreams!

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