Excited my dear friend Holly Moore is a new Board member!

Excited my dear friend Holly Moore is a new Board member!

It was one of those nights when even the men were weeping…

I’m in Tulsa this week for Board of Trustees’ meetings at Oral Roberts University (ORU), my alma mater. It has been my ongoing honor to serve as a Trustee for the last 6 years. Last night we brought on ten new board members and as each one shared their life story we were riveted.

Person after person spoke of unusual, unplanned twists and turns, apparent assignments that often came cloaked in tests and unbeatable odds.

The stories were poignant and powerful. I was struck by each person’s personality, humor, and voice, and was reminded of several truths:

  • Humility marks true greatness
  • Life’s trials are life’s most valuable lessons
  • When you think you’re unqualified or disqualified, you’re probably in the midst of being qualified
  • Diversity makes for the richest of unity
  • Older makes for wiser
  • Laughter bonds people together and does good like a medicine
  • After years and years of work and service, honor comes
  • Listening to others’ stories helps us in living our own
  • Miracles are real, they happen

Mark Sterns had a memorable line of the night…”Out of times of suffering I’ve learned to choose brokenness over bitterness, character over gifting.”

We were all exhausted yet invigorated as the evening ended over Cold Stone Creamery style marble-slab sundaes.

I drove off reminded that years ago when I sat in the exact same room feeling like the lowliest, most insignificant little nobody on the campus, God was writing my own story, one it would take years to understand, yet worth every tear and angst in getting here.

Over the next two days we will meet as a Board, trouble-shoot the present and plan for the future. I am grateful, so grateful, for the gift of ORU.


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