Remember the "Glamour Shots" days? Movie-star-moments for all

Remember the “Glamour Shots” days? Movie-star-moments for all

I love it when people comment on my blogs, mentioning what they like and don’t like about my life and writings.  Today someone said, “Your life makes me envious.”

Which brought to mind the fact that any time something is put in writing, it tends to appear more glamorous.  Descriptive words of rather mundane events add color and bring pizazz to otherwise regular routines.

Like when my friend Jodi Tucker describes a family meal with interesting anecdotes, or Carrie Stephens shows a photo on Instagram and I’ll think, “Her children are especially expressive and interesting.”   Looking from the outside-in makes others appear uniquely fascinating.

I’ve used this exercise with people in my workshops over the years.  They describe their career path, I articulate it back to them with a few added words and emphasis that makes their faces light up. They smile saying, “Wow, I didn’t think I was that successful!”

Which brings me to today’s point which is two-fold…

We needn’t be envious of things on Facebook, in blogs or even on TV, because it’s all just regular stuff happening to typical people, and while it looks special and sparkly it’s usually quite average and normal.

Secondly, we must celebrate our own stories for all the routine twists and turns that are more treasure-worthy than we often realize.

So today, with or without a description or camera, let’s go enjoy our glam-normal experiences called LIFE. Oh and do post an update or photo soon, because I really love seeing your glamorous self shine!


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