Have you ever been alone on Thanksgiving? I have.

I had just started a new job, with no accrued vacation days, while everyone else including my entire family, were out-of-town celebrating together.

This “all alone” scenario had potential to instigate a big “Why me?” syndrome, but instead, I planned ahead for what would go down in the memory books as a Thanksgiving to remember.

No fanfare, fancy food, or anywhere to go, I got myself some takeout and decided to watch the shows I wanted. I slept late, didn’t do the dishes, and talked to my family by phone, long before we had even heard of FaceTime.

What I learned from that alone Thanksgiving, is that every scenario in life offers a choice to see gifts or see losses.

Six years ago on Thanksgiving, Ron and I were with our son Jordan, and his wife Cady, on a health ranch, believing for his healing of Stage 4 cancer, eating red beet cake we called red velvet, all a memory we now treasure forever.

Alone or with others, being grateful is a choice that begins cognitive, and ends emotional. So let’s make this one memorable and drink it in, whether it’s what we want or not.

THANKS & GIVING together, in one beautiful holiday.

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