It was memorable how we met…..

The ad in the magazine read, “Miracle on 44th Street,” showing 4 handsome men and a great place to meet up.

One week later I was there, checking it out, and right away I knew….this was the one for me.

12 years later on Sunday, we celebrated Morning Star New York’s anniversary, with an all-out excellent service honoring leaders, showcasing talent, and an unforgettable message by famed evangelist, Luis Palau, who has preached to more than a billion people in his 78 years, I can see why.

We’ve recently changed our name to Every Nation New York, celebrating a broad diversity of ethnicities and reach.

It’s wonderful to love your church (I love both of ours, NYC and Durham), and to recount life after life that’s been changed by the love, laughter, and doing life together in a place where everyone, regardless of background, belongs.

A few photos that capture Sunday’s fun…

Image 7

The ad in 2001 that started it all!

Honoring the site pastors for all they've done.

Honoring the site pastors for all they’ve done.


Image 1

These guys make it happen, and rock the new ENNYC t-shirts!

Image 2

A few of the beauties who grace our crowd!

Image 3

Elders/pastors welcoming Dr. Luis Palau (center)

Image 4

Lisa Lucas makes announcements fun

Image 5

These Julliard students moved us to our feet with applause, stunning!

Here’s to many more years of doing life together in the city we love.



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