Maybe you’ll relate…

I woke up feeling bad and bugged about my hair.  Roots looking darker than usual, “Oh no, I bet hormonal changes are making my base color darker.  Oh great, dark roots on top of hot flashes, what else?!”

My stylist Amanda had no openings anytime soon, so I resigned myself to enduring the darkness, and headed out to run in Central Park.

About to exit the Park following my 5 miles, I found myself walking in front of the cutest little boy on a scooter, with his mom walking beside.  I could overhear his adorable little voice, and then heard him get much softer in something he said.  His mom responded, “Do you want to tell her that?”

At which point I turned around and she asked, “Did you hear what he said?”  No I hadn’t.  The little guy got immediately shy so she told me, “He just said, ‘Doesn’t she have the most beautiful hair?’”

“Thank you,” I said beaming through my dark roots. “You are so thoughtful to say that, I hope you have a happy day.”

The next thought was gratitude for such an innocent voice affirming and encouraging, not to mention reminding, that hair is not worth fretting over. My dear friend Mary Kay Blum, going through cancer treatment right now, inspires this truth as well.

Biggest takeway?  The Lord loves to bring us tokens of His love and care, even over the little things.  Children are such willing vessels.  May we all follow their lead.

Thank you little guy!

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