I had a wonderful 2 days of speaking in Chicago this weekend at the Bella “Super Chick” Conference hosted by Linda Thompson.  So many wonderful ladies ages 12-85 attended.

This precious woman, Jean Marie, is about to turn 80, and she truly epitomizes “ageless beauty.”  Full of life, vigor, and hardly a wrinkle on her face, she hurried up to me after Saturday’s session eager to share about her “next dream.”

Lovely Jean Marie

Lovely Jean Marie

I drank in every moment of our heart-to-heart chatting, inspired to be just like her and never stop dreaming plus always keep smiling.  She looks not a day over 65, with creamy skin and style to the hilt.  80 is definitely the new 60. One day she wore bright red, the next day yellow.

But the energy and passion from the inside are most memorable about Jean Marie.  She’s full of life more than full of years. Her eyes sparkle and her poise appears to be a byproduct of years of living for others and for God.

She reminds me of Harald Bredesen, Ron’s mentor and dear friend who died at 87 and just six weeks before was telling me about his dream to do a world-wide “Day of Grace.” Harald was more alive at 87 than most people are at 20.

Dreams tell our hearts we’re living not dying, they are adrenalin for the heart and soul.

So here’s to another week, gift that it is, and lots more dreaming for all of us…

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