You all know me, can’t resist a decorating inspiration regardless of where I am in the world.

One of the things I’m loving about this ranch is the natural, rustic decor. I’m not typically drawn to this type of look for my own interiors, but hey, this isn’t about interiors anyway, it’s the exterior that counts and in this case, it counts big.

I should mention that our darling daughter-in-law is gaining increasing reputation for her ability to bring “cozy” into any room anywhere. She has worked wonders and wonderful into their new little abode, and while that is their story to show and tell, I will just say, “she’s done it again,” and done it with cozy class.

You drive into this property amidst more deer than you can count. Seeing their gleaming eyes at night through the trees is especially wonder-filled.

Cows, sheep, goats, chickens, each have their home, and all appear to be thriving. Little abodes for all, and open pastures for all too, who could blame them for loving it here, well maybe all but one who seems a bit discontent.

This one caught my eye as she evidently bought into the lie that the grass is always greener over yonder. Imagine that, an entire pasture at your hoof tips and you still want what’s out of bounds. Contentment IS a learned art after all, and that ain’t no cow, I mean bull.

The grass always appears greener over there

The grass always appears greener over there

So we’re taking in the views, the God-designed decor that will always outshine any man-made environment we ever hope to create for ourselves. Maybe that’s what our decorating and designs are anyway, an attempt to express what began in His heart all along.

IMG_8826 IMG_8812 IMG_8795 IMG_8852 IMG_8849

The only lions on this property, but kitschy cool

The only lions on this property, but kitschy cool


Lynette Lewis

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