I recently had the great privilege of speaking for MARS, a well-known company with brands such as Snickers, Skittles, Wrigleys, Altoids, Uncle Ben’s, and my personal favorite M&M’s.

Working with this group of bright, talented brand experts was a bit
intimidating. In delivering a “Building Personal Brand and Eminence” workshop I wondered, “What can Iteach them about brand?”







Truth is, we all need assistance when it comes to personal branding, and one of the most effective ways to build it is by aligning it with personal dreams.

I introduced them to a tool I call the “3-D” Tool. This tool breaks a dream into bite-size segments that focus energies and time more effectively. Here’s a quick

DREAM — What one dream would you most like to pursue this year?
What does it look like fulfilled? How does it impact other areas (the Dream Dynamic i.e. ripple effect)?

DIAGNOSIS — What is holding you back? What resources in your current personal brand and relationships can further your dream?

DESIGN — The 1-1-1 Strategy — Doing One Dream, One Step, Once a Week

I am rarely too full for a few M&M’s so it’s worth asking, “Is my schedule really too full to make a bite-size step toward one dream once a week? Imagine, 52 steps this year toward your dream. How great will you feel? How inspiring will you be?

You have a personal brand to leverage and a dream worth pursuing. Combine the two, then cut it in half, or thirds, or whatever bite-size you need to make progress. Small nuggets now, big impact later.

I’d love to hear if this resonates with you and what dreams you plan on pursuing. A few more M&M’s please! I’m cheering you on…

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