Ron and I had a rare date day yesterday, which translated into walking downtown to do some errands in NYC.

We landed in one store that had irresistible rose porcelain chandeliers and sconces. You all know how much I adore roses AND chandeliers, so when I find a combination of both, I’m thrilled. It reminded me how combining things you love makes you love something more.

This principle has helped me a lot in various job roles through the years. Rather than focusing on change I learned out of periods of angst and frustration to add in something I loved vs. trying to take out what didn’t work.Image 3

Your job may always include activities you’d rather delegate, and maybe you should or can. BUT if not, then focus on adding in something you do love, and see if the new synergy can create something you love more vs. hate less.

The other day on Instagram I posted a rose shaped chocolate dip of ice cream, which was so beautiful because I love roses AND ice cream. I love public speaking and being on TV so in one national marketing role suggested we use a television talk-show format for a national conference, which resulted in rave reviews and heightened fulfillment in my own professional journey.

The oil painter who loves children donates her paintings to a children’s hospital. The dentist who loves mission work sets aside a month every summer to go serve refugees. The mom carpooling kids to soccer practice takes along underprivileged kids as an outreach. Random things combined out of love result in more love and energy to go around!

What’s in your current possession that with one added addition, may yield something new? Surprise combos await and deeper satisfaction can be yours.


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