Excellence is a cultivated art.  You’d think it would come naturally but in truth, it requires study and focus.

It seems to be rare nowadays, yet those who will devote a bit of time and effort to observation and application, can truly be excellent.

Begin by cultivating an eye for excellence, so when you come across what is excellent you will know it.

This principle proves true in relationships, work, and hobbies.  For years before meeting my husband, I prayed over and observed qualities in men that represented excellence, be that in character, work ethic, or their walk with God.  Excellence in men may be rare, but my eye for it was cultivated so that my taste for it became refined. Thus the ability to wait til meeting my excellent Ron, though long and frustrating at times, was non-negotiable.

Work excellence starts with personal attributes…how we approach tasks, co-workers, and our attitude overall.  It then plays out in performance, and results in promotion and recognition, over time if we stay the course and keep the bar raised high.

This eye for excellence plays out in taste and preferences too.  I study beauty in decor, fashion, cooking, and art, pondering why one thing looks of higher quality than another.  That way, when I come across something excellent, I’m able to spot it, hopefully for a great value and price.

If you will cultivate this taste for excellence, and every person can do so, you will be increasingly drawn to what’s best, and find it tough to settle for less.  This is not an arrogant posture of “I’m better than others,” but is rather a reflection of our excellent Father who calls us to an abundant life, saying no to good enroute to best.

I spent the day yesterday doing yard work and alterations on a couple of excellent little numbers my shopping has turned up over the last month.  Thought you might enjoy seeing them.

Happy Weekend excellent friends!

Image 13

Excellent steal, Christian Louboutin hot pink sling-back from NYC consignment shop

Image 12

Cute Shareen Vintage dress, reminded me of a Dolce Gabana floral number, was too big but sewed it in on the sides, at $45 an excellent value!

Image 11

These T.J.Maxx palazzo pants look just like high-end Missoni which would retail for over $1,000, and for just $19 an excellent addition to summer-wear.




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