Day 3 in Cairo with no luggage…amazing how attached you can become to one outfit, AND overnight laundry service.

Getting quite creative on the toiletry front, who knew a rolled up wash cloth would work like a roll brush?

More importantly, my heart is with beloved NYC today on September 11.  We will never forget that day, or the price so many paid.

Meanwhile, great times in Cairo, including yesterday’s visit to the sphinx and pyramids, and last night’s taping at the SAT 7 television network.  The producer/director liked the first episode so much she asked for a second one!  This program will air all over the Middle East (will post to my website when it’s done) one on Knowing Your Life Purpose and the other on Living Fulfilled, While Dreams Tarry.

Such a privilege to be here, AND to be reminded that the things we often call necessities really aren’t, but people — beautiful people around the world — ARE. 

Very cool sites in the very hot desert.

These guys everywhere.

Funny seeing horses and riders randomly racing by all around this area.

These darling girls were selling post cards, both 10 yrs old, reminded me of my sweet niece Ally.

Enjoyed working with this top notch TV crew! Thanks Marlin (on my left) for arranging it and loaning me two of your cute tops, and thanks camera guys for shooting away from the airplane pants!

Coco Chanel photo as a backdrop!

“Pick a fish, any fish, all very fresh, very fresh” (sure hope so!)

Delicious ending to a lovely day!

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