Alas, back issues continue, with hours of travel, small cars in lots of traffic and no time to sleep.

BUT, rich times are also continuing, with daily reminders of why this trip is truly ordained.

My mentee Nora, who I met last March in the U.S., has been an extraordinary host.  I love this woman of influence, we are kindred spirits.

Nora has had a fascinating journey, taking over her husband’s printing business after his untimely death at the age of 40, learning a new industry while raising their two sons. Her passion for counseling women and empowering them with Truth and identity is notable in a culture such as this.

Meeting with Nora and a team of her counseling colleagues, reminds me that women are so similar all over the world….in need of personal wholeness, understanding their power to affect change and nurture others, able to walk in forgiveness yet advocating for justice.

Egypt is wrought with so much history and possibility.  God’s heart for this nation has brought me to tears numerous times, hearing many stories and seeing hope and determination in faces and eyes.

Here are a few latest images….

Spoke at this church last night, so beautiful.

Sharing lots of stories followed by Q&A

You all know I’m a sucker for beautiful chandeliers!

Some of the beautiful ladies who attended.

Time with Nora at her printing business, gotta love this name.

….and the stunning marble steps in the entry.

Discussing options for translating and printing my books in Arabic, exciting!

Lunch with Nora’s handsome two sons, Ragy and Ramez, such great young men.

Saw a travel show on Egypt before coming which said pigeon is a delicacy, yummy indeed but not much meat on these fellas.

Highlight of today (other than getting my luggage!) was meeting with these great women.  Each has a story of overcoming tremendous challenges and going on to wholeness. Now they help others all over Egypt do the same through education, counseling, and advocacy.  We spent several hours strategizing on how to grow their work in the Middle East.  So moved by their passion, talents, and vision.

Awoke today hoping it would be the last morning this overnight service would come to my door! Lovely presentation though.

This team delivered the goods, proving once again relationships trump everything (thanks Samir for pulling in your network.) Who knew a bag lost for 3 days could feel like a long-lost friend?

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