Last night we ventured to The Animal Kingdom here at Disney World for our evening dinner.  All I can say is WOW!  Having visited Africa twice, this place truly captures so many elements of the rustic outdoors and animal life.

The Animal Kingdom is the fourth of four theme parks at Disney World. It is the largest single Disney theme park in the world, covering more than 500 acres and is also the first Disney theme park to be themed entirely around animal conservation, a philosophy once pioneered by Walt Disney himself.  In 2011, the park hosted approximately 9.8 million guests, ranking it the fourth-most visited amusement park in the United States and seventh-most visited in the world.

Here are some highlight photos…

The sprawling lobby is stunning as you enter, these light fixtures are hard to capture on a photo but are truly unusual and beautiful.

Just outside the lobby as you exit to view the animals.

Love cool funky artsy-looking birds like these, up close and personal.

Giraffes and Zebra, the designer in me is thinking of rugs, but for you animal-lovers out there I’m celebrating their living beauty and the majesty of how they move most of all. How can someone not believe in God when you see this handiwork?

This towering structure is made of all metal, a unique work of art that had us all staring.

Very cool art piece, though I never found out what it’s all about.

After a wonderful buffet dinner of meats and African dishes, we enjoyed finishing with the dessert buffet!

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