Such beautiful sights in Durban yesterday, left after speaking this morning, back in Johannesburg now, so many wonderful, on-fire people in this nation!  A few highlights…

Durban is a beach town, a bit like Miami, the stadium on the right in the distance is from when the World Cup was in So. Africa

Winston and Lusi Mashua, power couple for God, such gracious hospitality, love these two!

This guy had just speared the fish dangling here, like something out of a movie

Hmm..,to walk or ricksha, that is the question

We LOVE this restaurant Moyo’s in Africa, always cool settings with outdoor vibes

The bright cushions caught my eye on their outdoor couches

Face painting is their tradition, let’s give it a whirl

What do you think?

Even their restroom is super cool, digging this sink so much!

Inside of bathroom stall door, they don’t miss a thing in their design vibe

Blankets always a must at Moyo’s (give me back my blanket honey!)

Thank you Pastor Wayne and Trisha Sandeman for a fabulous evening, food outdone by wonderful conversations!

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