I’m typing this from 35,000 feet in the air after a whirlwind 10 days of travel, speaking, and meeting many new friends!

Yesterday was a highlight and a perfect way to finish the time in Dallas, where I arrived on Friday for International Women’s Day and a luncheon hosted by Mrs. Laura Bush.

I finished a year of mentoring Egyptian Fellow, Nora, from the Bush Women’s Initiative, at a graduation ceremony Friday evening. Yesterday the 20 new Egyptian fellows began their journey and it was an honor to lead them through my 3-hour Power of Purpose Workshop.

They all left with written personal purpose statements and will embark on a four-week experience that includes stops in Washington D.C., New York City, and Silicon Valley.  The people they’ll meet and the training they’re receiving would be the envy of every American woman I know!

Working with these awesome women reminded me that we all share much in common across oceans and continents.  Our hearts long to know WHY we are here (our purpose answers this) and how to more actively live on purpose, fully alive.

I got involved in this initiative through two young women I met six years ago at a book signing in D.C. They went on to become leaders and part of the Bush Presidential Center in Dallas. When Charity Wallace, senior advisor to Mrs. Bush and the one leading this Fellowship Program was in need of corporate mentors, she thought back to that book signing and reached out, to my pleasant surprise.

It is a great reminder that no introduction is ever too small or insignificant to come back later as a gift.

I’ve loved every moment of this experience from mentoring Nora to our visit last fall to Egypt, to these latest day festivities with Mrs. Bush and the President.












Thank you Charity and Jenny Lynn!



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