Never doubt the day of small beginnings in friendships…

We spent a casual but fun election night with our dear friends Nathan and Jennifer Gooden.  Jennifer made chili and cornbread, we brought salad and ice cream bars.  In spite of the election tensions, we left by 11 pm, still unsure of results, full in heart.

I first met Nathan years ago when he was a student at Oral Roberts University (my alma mater) and I was working in the Alumni Office. He joined a group called the VIP Students and claims I had a mentoring impact on him 🙂

Years later our paths crossed again in Raleigh, and his wife Jennifer, just happens to be the daughter of Tom Berry who I’d worked with at Deloitte in Tulsa.  Small world and happy world when paths lead friendships round about and back again.

Many times the most chance meetings and smallest of interactions can later lead to strategic open doors.  A surprise business venture has brought us into closer friendship with Nathan and Jennifer after all these years.

Not knowing what might come in life is why we choose faithfulness even in seemingly mundane introductions, and anticipate fullness in friendships when we tend them with care from the beginning.

With Nathan, a superstar back then, even moreso now!

Delish chilly-election-night fare

Home Goods is a great place to pick up small hostess gifts, this little box of honey looked good so was glad to hear how much Jennifer likes truffle flavor.

Dipped Oreo cookies for the kids, again from Home Goods.

Darling Jack in his pj’s, “It may be bedtime but need an Oreo now please!”

I love this photo of Jennifer winning the Miss America 2006 Pageant. She is truly a quintessential Miss America, beautiful inside and out!

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