My love for fashion began early, with sister, Brenda, and I making sure our Barbies were dressed to the nines.  Mom let us go to a variety store called G.L. Perry’s and choose one new outfit for Barbie each month. (Here is my actual Ken and Barbie!)

An eventual knack for sewing meant Barbie’s fashions took a whole new leap into custom designed looks created by yours truly.  Ken loved Barbie’s style and never put pressure on her to quit spending on clothes.  (Thankful my real Ken is the same!)

All these years later, Barbie gone and no little girl to dress, I’m dressing myself and friends who ask for assistance. 

So here are a few quick tips to perk up your fall wardrobe, especially on a dime.  It’s worth mentioning that my career was on a low low income path for MANY years, but style can be found at any price point and the thrill of hunting is half the fun.

Top 4 Must-Have Items This Fall

Fur Sure— You all know I love fur, preferably vintage, fake or real.  Fur is showing up as a trim on just about everything this season (fur sleeves, fur hems, etc.) Fake fur is super affordable and stores like Forever 21 and H&M offer great deals. If full-on fur isn’t your thing, consider a pair of gloves with fur trim or boots with the same. Even a fur scarf can work, or a fur purse.  This vest was on a sale rack two seasons ago at Forever 21 for $4.50.  I’ve worn it many times and my friend Kathi Graves snagged one too (fashionistas share the love.)

Teal Appeal — Shades of this favorite color are showing up everywhere in pants, jeans, sweaters, blouses. It’s a color everyone looks good in so find your shade and wear it all season long.  I saw some fun teal jeans last season at T.J. Maxx, sorry I didn’t buy them.  I did however, grab this nail color on the right for $1.50 at Francescas at the mall and the other from Chanel, which has been virtually used up, I just love this color and it works almost like a neutral. 

Animal Instinct— Indeed animal prints are timeless, and are easy to find in a variety of items including belts (saw some great ones at Target today for less than $10.) These shoes (below) are currently No. 1 Fave in my entire closet, got them as a gift from Saks Fifth Ave. in Tulsa when we collaborated last fall for a Jimmy Choo Event benefiting Stop Child Trafficking Now.  Combining your passions (i.e. fashion + SCTNow) is a great way to pursue your dreams.  These Manolo Blahniks retailing for close to $900, are my kind of gift, and thank you Saks for the wonderful event investing in our cause! (my 10 yr old niece is modeling the shoe in this photo, a taste for fine shoes clearly starts early!)

Leather Love — Still debating whether or not to actually wear black leather pants I’ve had for years, the verdict is still out, BUT I’ll definitely be wearing several leather bomber type jackets and vests. Thank you to talented and generous friend designer Faith Diver for this one which arrived as a surprise in the mail. Try mixing leather with a dressier fabric like silk, the contrast of textures works brilliantly.

That’s all for now friends, have a happy weekend and happy fall fashion hunting!

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